RouteShoot - the global georeferenced video content management system
The georeferenced video content management system
Using the GPS in your video data
for easy access and playback by location

Let RouteShoot take care of your georeferenced video needs

Our award winning platform deals with everything, from creating geotagged videos, to playing them back in our map based video content management system. 

What is RouteShoot?


RouteShoot is a complete solution for handling and managing all your georeferenced video content. We have free to download smartphone apps and support third party hardware such as dashcams, drones and 360° cameras. Our platform stores and presents your location based video making it easy to view, analyse and share data across your organisation. Built for the internet, RouteShoot uses the latest web and mapping technologies to enable you to publish your video and spatial data all within your web browser.

Record georeferenced video on smartphones, dashcams and drones



Record georeferenced video from a variety of platforms including dashcams, drones and helicopters. Or use our free smartphone apps on Android and iOS.

Stored in a secure video content management system



We securely store your data in your own branded video content management system that is hosted by us on servers located across the globe.

Search and playback your video content



Easily search and view your videos. Our built in tools allow you to stream and analyse video alongside your spatial data using only your web browser.

Share georeferenced videos throughout your organisation



Share your videos throughout your organisation and with clients and third parties via a URL. Videos can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

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What is georeferenced video and why does it matter?


Georeferenced or geotagged video has an associated geographical element, for example a route. Georeferenced video gives you the benefit of being able to see the exact location a video frame was taken as well as the date and time. Having this additional data can be beneficial in identifying asset locations, evidence of changes, works completed or simply as a survey history. RouteShoot's georeferenced video content management system also allows you to catalog and search your video files spatially, allowing you to find a particular video quickly and easily.

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Why use a video content management system?


A content management system or CMS stores and organises your content in a logical way allowing you to quickly search and find the data you need. RouteShoot's georeferenced video content management system has been customised to optimise the storage of your geotagged videos. With extensive search tools, RouteShoot allows you to find the content you need quickly and efficiently. You can also share videos directly from the RouteShoot platform removing the need to duplicate and send video files around your organisation.

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RouteShoot geo-referenced video app on the iPhone

Why RouteShoot?

With many video content management systems you lose your valuable embedded GPS data when you upload your files. RouteShoot is different because we recognise the value of location data and extract it to build an interactive map library of your video files.

Reduce Cost

RouteShoot handles all of your georeferenced video requirements removing the need for expensive hardware, in-house storage and video optimisation platforms. RouteShoot can be deployed using your organisation’s current video recording infrastructure and in line with your IT policies.

  Manage Risk

Having video which can easily be shared throughout the organisation can reduce the risk to your workforce by removing the need for multiple site visits. Additionally, RouteShoot handles the security of your video data reducing the risk of data breaches and loss.

Save Time

Having all of your georeferenced video stored in one location which is accessible anywhere in the world at anytime means you no longer need to search through files and folders to find the video you need. Search tools allow you to search by date, user, name and location allowing you to retrieve your video in seconds.

RouteShoot Uses

The flexibilty of RouteShoot means that it fits into any business and the usefulness of video as an asset stretches across almost any industy. Examples of where RouteShoot is being used includes:

  • Highway Network Inspections
  • Utility Location Risk Mitigation
  • Governance and proof of works completed
  • Visulisation of schemes/improvement works
  • Identification of new store locations
  • Aerial pipeline surveys
  • Before and after surveys

What Our Customers Say

Chris Bartlett

Director of Technology
Premier Utility Services


RouteShoot's ease of use, accurate and effective search functionality has been extremely beneficial to both Premier and its clients. The ability to email a link to the videos to anyone with an internet connection has been just awesome and blows our clients away.

Dave Johns

East Sussex Highways


RouteShoot has enabled our business to add value to our Design Team resource, sharing and promoting our detailed scheme improvement proposals for the Roads Programme with other teams quickly and easily.

Kai Kaiser

Senior Economist
The World Bank


RouteShoot is scaleable and cost effective providing a real solution in shorter time frames, consequently the Philippines Govt have now mandated its use for their new roads financing program - Kalsada.

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