The Importance of Data


Here at RouteShoot, we know how important your data is. Whether it's assets, networks or areas of interest you need to be able to see, analyse and share your data in order to understand it and make decisions. This is why RouteShoot has been designed not only to preserve the GPS data associated with your video files but also to allow you to visualise your spatial data, alongside the data stored in RouteShoot.

Sharing data across platforms


Whether you use large corporate or opensource software we have made sure that our service is compatible with a variety of data platforms. The RouteShoot platform can both consume data from other sources as well as produce data which can be imported and used within other systems. By using OGC standards such as WMS and WFS we make your data accessible, allowing you to analyse and make decisions. 

Viewing your data within RouteShoot

RouteShoot can consume your spatial data allowing you to view your data during video playback. Viewing your data alongside your geoeferenced videos has many benefits including:

  • - Verifying data

  • - Being able to reference items against networks

  • - Identifying assets which may be missing from your current inventory

  • - Assessing changes condition

RouteShoot supports OGC standards such as WMS and WFS which can be published from most GIS software. In order to view your data in RouteShoot, all you need to do is provide us with a WMS or WFS URL and we do the rest!

Importing RouteShoot data into your GIS

Similarly to consuming data into RouteShoot, the geographic data stored within the platform can be published for use within your corporate GIS software. By providing you with a WMS or WFS to the appropriate data you can easily add a RouteShoot layer into your GIS and view the routes recorded against your videos. This is useful if you want to analyse how much of your network or pipeline has been surveyed or identify which of your assets have been recorded on video. With a few tweaks it is also possible to create the functionality of being able to click on the route, see its attributes, such as created date/time and title, and be able to click a URL which opens up the VideoView page within RouteShoot to play back the video.

Integration with Confirm

RouteShoot have worked with Pitney Bowes to allow direct integration of RouteShoot data into their Confirm Enterprise Asset Management Software. The collaboration means that your RouteShoot routes can be viewed alongside your current data layers and clicking on any route will show title of the route. Clicking on any route title will open the RouteShoot platform in your browser and play the appropriate video from the location that was clicked on the route. If you are a Confirm customer and would like to learn more about this collaboration, please contact either contact us or your Account Manager.

Combining georeferenced video and your data to support decision making

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