Supported Devices

One of the main benefits of the RouteShoot platfom is its flexibility and ability to take georeferenced video from a range of sources and store them in one place. Whether you are using dashcams, drones, smartphones or even a helicopter, you can store your georeferenced video in the RouteShoot video content management system. Our experienced team have already developed a number of custom uploaders for clients who want to use a specific device on the platform. If you have a requirement for a device we don't mention below, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Dashcams such as Roadhawk and Nextbase to collect georeferenced video



Dashcams are a popular choice for both the general public and businesses alike. Being able to either record continuously or only triggered when an 'event' occurs they are a great way of capturing your journey. RouteShoot has native support for popular dashcams such as the RoadHawk, Nextbase and Garmin Virb ranges. This means that you can take the raw footage from the camera and upload it straight to our platform without the need for any third party software.

Free iOS and Android georeferenced video app



Our free to download smartphone apps are available on iOS and Android allowing users to record georeferenced video wherever they are. You do not need a SIM card or a data connection to record, just a GPS position, as it can be used almost anywhere in the world. The built-in uploader allows you to upload your files directly from the phone once you have a wi-fi connection meaning there's no need to be copying and moving files onto your computer.

Supports DJI Phantom video



The popularity of drones means that they are now more accessible than ever. Drones such as the DJI Phantom are able to record both video and GPS location making them perfect for recording georeferenced video.

Custom uploaders for helicopter videos



For some businesses, videos of their assets are best recorded from a helicopter, especially over long distances. RouteShoot currently supports the ARINC 429 files which can be uploaded directly to our web platform using our web uploader.

Support for video with GPX files

Additional Support


As well as all of the above RouteShoot can also support certain standard file formats such as GPX. If you have a device which isn't specifically mentioned above but outputs a video (.mp4) and GPX file the platform can offer native support. For more information about the files and devices we support, please contact us.

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