What RouteShoot Offers

Georeferenced video content management system process diagram

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RouteShoot offers a comprehensive solution, from recording geo-referenced video to storing, viewing and sharing, everything is taken care of. Our geo-referenced video content management system (GVCMS) provides a central location for your video storage which is easy to share with the added peace of mind that it is safe and secure. Features include:

  • Secure storage of your videos in the cloud
  • A dedicated web portal on a local server which can be branded to reflect your business
  • Videos can be shared and streamed anywhere at anytime
  • Support for third party devices such as dashcams, 360° cameras, Garmin VIRB, DJI Phantom drones and many more
  • Free to download smartphone apps for iOS and Android to record georeferenced video
  • The ability to view your route, tracked alongside the video during playback as well as statistics such as speed and elevation
  • Automatic video processing and optimisation ensuring you get the best results when streaming
  • Flexibility – our platform can be deployed and scaled to suit any businesses requirements, from small SME’s to large multinational corporations with hundreds of users



RouteShoot supports georeferenced video from a wide range of sources including our dedicated smartphone app, dashcams and drones to name a few. You can read more about our supported devices here. Uploading your files, wherever they come from is straight forward. The smartphone app comes with it's own dedicated upload function, straight from the device whilst all other files can be uploaded in a web browser via our dedicated web uploader. To use either uploader you require a network connection. We recommend either a wi-fi or hard-wired connection as these usually offer higher speeds and greater stability than mobile data connections. 

Smartphone uploader


Our dedicated RouteShoot smartphone app allows you to record georeferenced video and upload it directly from your phone to the video content management system. Uploading is simple and you have the option to upload one or multiple files and the opportunity to give each file a title and description. The resilience built in means that if a file fails for any reason, for example a drop in network connection, it will retry the file again. Once the files have been successfully uploaded they will be marked and you have the option to delete the files from the device, allowing you to easily manage your file storage. You also have the option to download your files from the smartphone and use the web uploader if you prefer.

Web based uploader


The web based uploader has been designed to allow easy uploading from your computer to the video content management system. Completely browser based, the uploader allows you to drag and drop multiple files (of the same type) into the uploader. After clicking 'upload' it will queue up and process all of your selected files. The benefit of the web uploader is that you can start uploading and simply leave it running, allowing you to get on with other tasks. Resilience built into the uploader means that if you lose network connection you can upload again, but it will start from the point in the file the connection was lost, preventing you having to start from scratch.



Once the video and route have been uploaded to our video content management system, the user has the option to playback the video alongside the tracked route in a web browser. During playback a number of statistics are also displayed including speed, elevation and accelorometer data. The video playback page is fully flexible and all floating windows can be resized, moved and collapsed allowing the user to customise what information they see.

Georeferenced video playback showing video and route
Record georeferenced video on smartphones, dashcams and drones



The video is optimised for streaming and a number of tools are available to control the video during playback. As well as the standard play and pause controls the video playback speed can be sped up or slowed down, the window full screened and you can toggle between standard and high definition (if recorded in high def). You also have the ability to download the video or even play it back from a local source.

Stored in a secure video content management system



As your video plays a blue dot is displayed on the route and moves to track the route as the video progresses. The route is interactive so you can click any point along it and the video will jump to that position allowing you to see exactly what was at that location at the time of recording. The route also has start and end markers so you can instantly identify which way the route was travelled.

Analyse your georeferenced video



RouteShoot presents a number of statistics during playback. These may differ depending on what your device records but we can support, date, time, speed, elevation, distance and accelerometer data. The statistics are presented in various ways including an interactive graph. The graph can be clicked at any location and the video will move to that position. This is useful if you can see an event, such as speed suddenly decreasing, as you can instantly jump to that section of the video and identify what has happened.

Analyse your route with our map tools



We have developed a number of tools to aid analysis of the video and route during playback. Firstly we offer a basemap selector allowing you to swap between a number of different basemaps, including custom basemaps, if required. Also available is a measuring tool which can measure lengths and areas on the map. This is particularly useful if using the aerial imagery basemap. Standard map tools such as pan, zoom, auto rotate (based on the route direction) and panning the route during playback are also available.



RouteShoot has been designed to easily share your video content within your organisation and with external clients and stakeholders without the need to copy, send or move large video files. All you need to share a video from RouteShoot is a URL. Once you have the URL you can send it to anyone who has an internet connection and they will be able to playback the video and route in their browser.
The Video View page has an in-built sharing tool in the video info box. Clicking the envelope icon will open a new e-mail within your default e-mail client which contains the URL for sharing.


We understand that you may not want to be able to share your videos outside of your organisation so our in-built tools allow you to manage who videos can be shared with. Each video can have it's privacy customised allowing you to have them as private, only viewed by those with a registered account or public.



As well as being able to store and playback your georeferenced video, we have developed a number of tools allowing you to easily search for and analyse your video and location data. Our in-built tools range from searching to adding bookmarks and calibrating the route synchronisation. 



One of the main benefits of RouteShoot is being able to search for videos by location. As we store all of the location data associated with your videos we can provide new, innovative ways of finding the video you need quickly and efficiently. Using maps you can simply pan and zoom to the location you are interested in to find your video. As well as providing maps we offer 'traditional' search methods including keyword and date range searches.

Map of georeferenced video locations

Activity Feed


Our Activity Feed shows the videos uploaded by a specific user. It consists of an interactive map showing the uploaded routes and a list of videos ordered by most recent. The map allows you to pan and zoom to locate the video you want to view. Clicking on a route produces a pop up listing the routes which intersect the clicked location, and clicking a title loads the video view page for that video. Other map tools include a basemap selector, zoom to route and hiding routes.
The Activity Feed list shows a thumbnail of the video and route, title, and any comments. A link is available to click and view the video. Other tools include, zoom to location on the map, editing privacy settings and editing the video title.

Overview Map


The Overview Map displays all of the routes which have been uploaded to the platform by any user. This can also be customised, for example, to show a specific group of users. The map has all of the standard functionality including pan and zoom, allowing you to quickly find the area of interest. Clicking on a location will display a pop-up listing all of the videos which intersect with that point. Selecting a video from the list will open the video view page and the video will play from the location clicked, rather than defaulting to the start of the video. The Overview Map also includes a date filter, allowing you to only display routes from a certain time frame, especially useful if you have record one location several times.

Filtered Search


Our search module allows users to search for videos using filters such as user, keywords and within a date range. The search results display the name of the user who uploaded, the uploaded date, title and a thumbnail showing the video and the route. Clicking on the thumbnail will open the video view page to playback the video from the beginning. The module also has tools to allow you to download the video and/or KML. The results can be sorted by uploaded date and title in either ascending or descending order allowing you to easily find the video you require.

Other Tools

Bookmark points of interest in your georeferenced video



Our bookmarking tool allows you to add point and linear bookmarks to the route indicating points of interest or even the location of assets. The bookmarking tool also allows you to complete a customised form attaching attributes to each bookmark. For example, you may want to record the condition of assets or details about a defect. Once bookmarks have been saved they appear on the map during playback. Clicking on a bookmark location will jump the video to that point, allowing you to instantly view the location.

GPS Offset


For some use cases, for example, when you are flying a plane, there is a need for the video and GPS to be recorded on separate devices. The challenge with this is ensuring that the devices start and stop recording at the same time. RouteShoot has a built-in solution for this, the calibration tool allows you to set an offset for the GPS file to synchronise it with the video playback. The offset is the number of seconds to offset the GPS, either positively or negatively and is set using the options in the info box. Once you click 'save' the offset is saved and the route will play back to that offset, synchronising with the video. You can edit the offset as many times as needed, allowing you to ensure that you get the offset correct.



The RouteShoot platform has been developed to be data-driven. As well as storing and processing the video and location data associated with georeferenced video we have also opened the platform up to allow users to pull in data from other sources and integrate the RouteShoot data into other platforms such as corporate GIS or asset management software. Where possible industry standards are used to ensure the portability of your data from one platform to another. The main features of data within RouteShoot are:

  • Support for custom basemaps displaying customer data such as networks or assets during playback
  • Georeferenecd video routes can be made avaialbe as WFS/WMS to allow them to be displayed in corporate GIS software
  • Integration with Confirm Asset Management Software

You can find out more about RouteShoot and how we process and work with your data here.



Currently, the easiest way for organisations to share their videos is via public platforms such as YouTube or DropBox. However, these platforms are often blocked by the organisations firewalls and IT policies as well as not being suitable for storing potentially sensitive content, which videos may be. RouteShoot takes care of the security of your files at multiple levels to minimise the risk of hacking and data loss. 

Password Protection

Your dedicated portal is only accessible to users who have been issued with a username and password. Without a verified account you cannot log in and view the uploaded content (unless it has been publicly shared - see Customised Privacy below). Passwords can be reviewed and changed at any time, giving you full control of access to your portal. New user accounts will not be issued without the point of contacts consent, preventing unauthorised access. 

Data Encryption

In order to minimise data loss in the unlikely event of a security breach, all data is encrypted at rest preventing visibility. When viewing the video and route during playback a shared access token (SAT) is issued. The SAT provides access to the data for a limited amount of time before the token expires and a new one must be issued in order to access the data. This minimises the risk of a file being shared and accessed by hackers.

Customised Privacy

There are occasions where you may want to share a video outside of your organisation, for example, with a client or third party. Rather than having to set up a new user account we allow users to set the privacy of individual videos. Videos can be set to private, visible by those with a user account or public using the tools available on the Activity Feed. This allows you to fully customise who has access to which videos, giving you peace of mind that your videos are secure. 

Security Roles and Groups

The RouteShoot platform supports security roles allowing certain users, such as administrators, access to data and tools which you may not want everyone to have access to. We also support the ability to create groups, so if, for example, you want a team of users to have access to each others videos, we can create a group allowing them to share what they have been uploading with each other.




RouteShoot has a number of deployment options depending on your requirements so whether you are an individual, small business or a multi-national corporation, we have a product to meet your needs. All of our services are deployed on Microsoft Azure services allowing us to quickly deploy a set-up almost anywhere in the world.

RouteShoot Individual


Designed for single users RouteShoot Individual includes:

  • A single user account on a shared server
  • 100GB storage space
  • Licence to upload and view georeferenced video
  • Videos can be viewed by you or anyone you send a URL to
  • E-mail support

RouteShoot Business


Perfect for small businesses or departments RouteShoot Business includes:

  • A dedicated secure portal on a shared VM
  • 1TB storage
  • 1TB per month bandwidth
  • User licences to upload and view georeferenced video
  • Branded website
  • E-mail and telephone support
  • Scalability - allowing you to add storage and users as required (a cost may be incurred)

RouteShoot Professional


Engineered for large corporations or use in multiple departments RouteShoot Professional includes:

  • Dedicated virtual server
  • 1TB storage
  • 1TB per month bandwidth
  • User licences to upload and view georeferenced video
  • Branded website
  • E-mail and telephone support
  • Scalability - allowing you to add storage and users as required (a cost may be incurred)

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