Georeferenced video for Utility Location


Premier Utility Services are located in Hauppauge, New York with over 800 employees operating in 22 states across the United States. Premier provides various services to utility partners across the country including Damage Prevention (Underground Utility Locating) and GIS Services (GIS Mapping & Management Programs, Asset Inventories).

As part of Premier's daily workload, prior to implementing RouteShoot, technicians were deployed with a laptop, digital camcorder and other devices to capture field video footage. It was soon clear that some major issues had developed not least of which was the growth of file storage requirements - over 30 terabytes in 17 months - and this bought additional problems in searching for the relevant video files on laptops, network servers and camcorder devices.

Choosing RouteShoot as the video content management system has helped Premier to not only lower their capital expenditures per technician it also increased productivity per technician. RouteShoot has also allowed Premier to scale this deployment very quickly to over 480 remote technicians.

Now, when a request comes in from a client or supervisor, a member of the claims department can easily search the system and retrieve the video in seconds. Moving the video management system to the cloud has also freed up valuable IT staff resources to do other things, instead of managing on premise hardware. With currently over 1.5 million video files managed by RouteShoot the successful implementation for Premier speaks for itself.

Premier Utility Services using georeferenced video

RouteShoot's ease of use, accurate and effective search functionality has been extremely beneficial to both Premier and its clients. The ability to email a link to the videos to anyone with an internet connection has been just awesome and blows our clients away.

Chris Bartlett

Director of Technology
Premier Utility Services


  • Low cost and secure technology
  • Lean workflow process
  • Stable and quickly scaleable
  • Irrefutable audit trail
  • Improved resource management
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