Optional Extras

At RouteShoot we understand that every business is different and that is why, alongside our range of packages, we also offer optional extras. This allows you to pick and choose the tools most appropriate to meet your business needs. If you would like any more information about these optional extras, please contact us

ESRI add-in

This is the perfect tool for organisations that already use ArcGIS software and want to view their RouteShoot videos and routes within ArcMap®. Our ESRI add-in allows you to add RouteShoot route files directly into ArcMap® by converting the spatial data into shape files. The video can then be launched straight from ArcMap® into your Windows® Media Player. Currently this is available for customers using combinations of Windows® 7 and 8 and ArcMap® 10.1 and 10.2.

The video below demonstrates how the add-in works.

Attribute Editor

Our web-based attribute editor gives users the ability to post-process their routes when they return to the office. Whether you want to mark the location of assets, highlight points or sections of interest or simply create audits of the uploaded route files, the attribute editor has the flexibility to record a variety of additional features. Attributes are fully customisable and you can collect more than one attribute on each route by running multiple instances of the attribute editor.

Bluetooth Handsets

Our Bluetooth handsets give you the ability to start and stop recording and add bookmarks to your route without directly interacting with your phone. This removes the need to be constantly looking at and tapping the phone screen, so you can concentrate on the route ahead and keep looking out for any assets or points of interest you may be collecting. This is particularly useful if the phone is mounted on the windscreen of your vehicle. The handsets are available for iOS and Android devices which support Bluetooth 4.0. A Bluetooth handset is included free with the Enterprise package for those customers to experiment with.

Video with maps made easy! RouteShoot® is geo-referenced video for smartphones, shared in the cloud.

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