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With the ability to create routes by combining video and GPS straight from your smartphone you are always prepared to capture your greatest sporting achievements or the breath-taking moments you least expected. Whether it be a tornado, a meteorite shower or just the most gorgeous view ever - you will no longer have to convince those who weren't with you that you really were there. And that, yes, it really did happen – right there - right in front of you!

RouteShoot is the latest innovation in video, route tracking and social networking. It is a combination of this website and the RouteShoot mobile application, which allows users to share their favourite routes with friends, family and those with similar interests. RouteShoot is great for route tracking whether you're cycling, running, walking, driving or skiing and the flexibility of the app means that it can be used in any situation!

There is nothing complicated about RouteShoot for the user, we do all of the work, putting together the video, GPS and statistics graphs, all you need to do is record and upload. Once you have uploaded, the video and GPS trace are stored on secure servers so you do not have to keep the videos on your phone, eating up precious space. So, whether you have a sporting hobby or want to record the stunning scenery on a leisurely stroll, RouteShoot is suitable for everyone.

The social aspects of RouteShoot means that you are able to share your routes with friends, family and on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. When you share your route you are able to set the privacy, leaving you in complete control of who can view your routes.

How are we able to offer all of this for free? RouteShoot was initially developed as a commercial product for sale to businesses, but we quickly realised that there is a gap in the public market for this type of application. By using technologies such as the Cloud we have been able to keep overheads low and therefore we can offer it to all casual, non-commercial users at no cost. 

By becoming another user of RouteShoot, you are joining our growing army of unpaid testers and ideas “suggesters”, and your feedback helps us to improve our product. There, unlike some other companies we have really ‘fessed up!   

Registration is quick and easy! Simply select the subscription model that best suits your needs (£5.99 /month or £65 /annum), and then complete the registration form online. Please note: This is a recurring payment. We will store your payment method and you will be charged each time your subscription automatically renews until you cancel. You can cancel any time by contacting the support team at

For the more serious of you who want to take advantage of our additional features such as unlimited high definition videos and book marking, we offer RouteShoot LITE. For more information about RouteShoot LITE, or any of our commercial packages, please contact us

So..... walk, run, drive, ski or even skydive, let your imagination run wild and share the routes you love!

Video with maps made easy! RouteShoot® is geo-referenced video for smartphones, shared in the cloud.

Use of this website and our apps is subject to our terms of use.

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