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Geo-referenced Video for Businesses

RouteShoot is the latest innovation in geo-referenced video, route tracking and collaborative working. It is a combination of the RouteShoot smartphone application and a dedicated website, which allows users to share their geo-referenced video with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders.

Out in the field:

- Download our free Android, iPhone and Windows phone apps to capture data out in the field.

- Record Video and images with frames that are date, time and location stamped.

- Collect GPS tagged video and images anywhere, even while offline.

- No network connection? Keep on capturing and sync when you are online without losing a thing.

Back in the office:

- Review and modify data using our web-based visualisation tools.

- Access video playback alongside its route.

- Export your data into industry-standard formats like spreadsheets, shapefiles, or GIS databases.

- Upload your own custom maps to the RouteShoot platform.

Manage with ease:

- Manage field captured video data activity using our cloud-based content management tools.

- Manage security and permissions to control what individual users can access.

- Connect RouteShoot directly to your existing data repositories.

- Share video with anyone anywhere in the world.

- Our cloud hosted solution is scalable ensuring your data storage needs can   always be met.


RouteShoot has been developed and designed to ensure that it is flexible and can be applied to almost any industry. Some of the uses for RouteShoot include:

    - Video surveys

    - Inspections

    - Inventory collection and verification

    - Proof of work undertaken

    - Before and after surveys

    - Walk and build

    - Facilities management

The combination of video and route tracking provides the user with a powerful tool which records not only what they saw but exactly where they were. There is no need to buy or hire expensive equipment, the existing smartphone deployment within your organisation turns into a data capture solution available in everyone's pocket.

There is nothing complicated about RouteShoot for the user, we do all of the work, putting together the video, GPS and attribute graphs, all you need to do is record and upload. Once you have uploaded, the video and GPS trace are stored on secure servers in the cloud so you do not have to keep the videos on your phone. Our cloud hosted solution is scalable which ensures your data storage needs can always be met and the likelihood of service downtime is virtually eliminated. 

RouteShoot for business vs other video survey solutions:


Other video survey solutions

  • Utilise existing smartphone deployment

  • Always available, on-demand

  • A single deployment of RouteShoot works worldwide

  • Your entire mobile workforce can capture data simultaneously

  • A simple-to-use, intuitive smartphone app delivering video data into a familiar website environment

  • Upload from site - making data available to share in near real-time

  • Share with clients and customers instantly by providing an email link to your video and route

  • You may need to book or plan surveys in advance

  • Hardware set-up and software training issues

  • Delay in data delivery

  • Uneconomic to use more than one survey vehicle - leading to delays in obtaining coverage

  • You may need to buy or hire additional expensive equipment

  • You may need to use different suppliers depending on location

  • Difficult to supply data to external stakeholders

Further Information

If you are interested in using Geo-referenced video within your business, or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or click here too talk to us about proof of concept. 

Video with maps made easy! RouteShoot® is geo-referenced video for smartphones, shared in the cloud.

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