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RouteShoot Limited was founded in September 2013 and it is the second trading company that has been established by our successful management team; the first company being Highways Asset Management Consultants, Wilson Pym May Limited (WPM).

RouteShoot is a logical development/progression building on ideas realised in an existing product, GeoVideo, already brought to the highways maintenance market and sold through WPM.

In early 2012, developments in technology - which saw full 1080p HD video recording incorporated into a smartphone - meant that it became possible to achieve what several specialist survey companies offer using just the everyday devices available in most people’s pockets. Work began on replicating the functionality of GeoVideo using a smartphone in April 2012 and RouteShoot was born.

With extensive knowledge of GIS and video surveys, we strive to provide the highest quality products and services to meet the needs of this ever-growing market.

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