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What is RouteShoot® ?

RouteShoot® is geo-referenced video for smartphones, shared in the cloud.
Create personal street views using the video and GPS in your smartphone!

RouteShoot® is the latest, award winning innovation in video, routes and collaborative working. It is a combination of our smartphone application and a dedicated website, which allows you to share your routes. Read more.

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How RouteShoot® Can Help Your Business

Inspection Compliance/Audit Records
If you undertake frequent driven surveys/inspections, say hourly, daily or weekly, and need a permanent, auditable record that these surveys were undertaken, then RouteShoot® is the ideal tool for creating and maintaining these records. 

Monitoring Works Progress
If your organisation carries out lots of minor works for third parties and needs records that the work has been undertaken, then RouteShoot® is a great way to capture this information. 

Establishing Quantities and Locations for Estimating
In respect of estimating, if you have little or no accurate information about asset numbers and location then RouteShoot® can help. Read more...

Starting Up in the Developing World
Many developing countries will aspire to the sort of asset management regimes practiced in the developed world, but barriers may exist which prevent that being achieved, and the use of high-tech video and GPS surveying equipment may not be possible. 

Communicating and Sharing Data with Remote Colleagues
In these days of globalisation and consolidation many engineering tasks are likely to be undertaken a significant distance away from where works are actually carried out. Share geo-referenced video data with any colleague with access to a web browser, anywhere in the world. 

Other Uses
We are sure that there are many more potential applications for RouteShoot®, but we will let you think on that – we are not in the business of simply being a solution seller hunting for problems.

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Simplicity and Cost Efficiency are Key - How RouteShoot® Works...

Record video and GPS routes from your smartphone

Step 1 - download the app for your iPhone or Android smartphone

Video your route

Upload your video and GPS routes to secure servers in the cloud

Step 2 - use your iPhone or Android smartphone to capture your video and GPS routes

Upload to the cloud 

View your video and GPS route on your computer

Step 3 - share your video and GPS tracks with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

Analyse & share

RouteShoot® uses the camera and GPS in your smartphone to continuously record position data together with the video.

Date, time, distance, altitude and speed are also captured creating an auditable record of what you saw, where and when - providing essential information for accurate location and analysis of your data.


  • We provide a web service and storage hosted in the cloud.
  • You shoot videos on your smartphone and simply load them to your dedicated portal.
  • Sharing takes place on your secure portal; alternatively links to specific videos for external parties to view can be sent via email.
  • Videos are played back in your browser together with all location information.

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